Do you know when a flavor is so delicious you cannot even describe it? You cannot name it, only feel it. This is Chiquinho Ice Cream. It tastes like good times, sleeping for five more minutes, a work break, singing your favorite song in the shower or laughing until your tummy hurts. It tastes like Chiquinho Ice Cream – Flavor of happiness.

Açaí Shake

The Chiquinho’s Ice Cream Açaí is special and have the perfect combinations for you! Enjoy a refreshing and exotic Amazon Fruits Flavor.



Our history dates back to the 80s, when Mr. Francisco, affectionately known as Chiquinho, opened a humble ice cream shop in the city of Frutal, state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, for his son Isaias Bernardes. The city's residents and visitors fell in love for the special ice cream made by his son.

After 5 years, we opened our first branch in the city of Guaíra, in the state of São Paulo. In the following years, our business network grew by sharing the knowledge of the business with family members.

In 1996, the soft serve ice cream became a hit in Brazil, and Chiquinho Ice Cream obviously joined the to this new oportunity. We soon developed a super-secret ice cream base formula that still makes our brand stand out.



In 2010, with 80 shops, we joined the franchising segment and became famous in Brazil for our products and promising business plan. The CHQ Companhia de Franchising was then born. The company was created to manage the Chiquinho Ice Cream brand. Opening our own franchising company enabled a planned business expansion with a complete structure and adequate training in order to offer the necessary support to the franchisee branches.

We currently keep following our mission of transforming individual dreams in shared accomplishments.

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